Cookies BBQue Catering Menu


We offer professional barbecue catering services for all events and occasions. Check out our barbecue catering menu and let us cater your next event!

In order to slow roast our barbecue to perfection, you must place your catering order at least 72 hours in advance.


Entrees can be ordered by the half pan or full pan. The half pan feeds approximately 8 to 10 people while the full pan feeds approximately 15 to 20 people.

barbecue rib tips catering pan
Rib Tips
Half Pan: $50.00 | Full Pan: $100.00

Premium pork rib tips smoked to perfection and covered with Cookie’s tasty one-of-a-kind BBQ sauce

deep fried whole chicken wings catering pan
Whole Chicken Wings
Half Pan: $60.00 | Full Pan: $120.00

Deep fried chicken wings evenly coated and cooked to perfection (can be covered with Chicago’s very own Mild Sauce)

grilled jerk chicken legs and thighs  catering pan
Grilled Jerk Chicken Mix
Half Pan: $50.00 | Full Pan: $100.00

Chicken legs and thighs placed in a Jerk Jamaican Marinade then grilled to perfection

deep fried fish fillets catering pan
Deep Fried Fish Fillets


12 Pieces: $37.00 | 21 Pieces: $58.00

Southern fried fish lightly seasoned and served hot and crispy


Sides are sold in small pans which feeds approximately 8 to 10 people.

french fries

Potatoes fried and lightly salted – the perfect addition to any BBQ meal

cole slaw
Cole Slaw

Crisp vinegar-based cole slaw pairs perfectly with all of our entree options


Savoury, deep-fried hushpuppies made from cornmeal-based batter